5654227039813632 a3 Holdings Ltd SONOS PLAYBAR PLAYBAR is the soundbar for music lovers. With nine speakers under the hood, it floods any room with super-realistic sound for games, movies and music. It plays Product #: a3hk-SONOS PLAYBAR 2022-09-22 Regular price: $HKD$6380.0 Available from: a3 Holdings LtdIn stock i am suitably impressed by the Sonos product , sound quality, flexibility and ease of use.i would recommend the solution to anyone, once appropriate understanding and research of what and how Sonos does what it is. it is not fool proof (some Wifi topics, some understanding of audio requirements, and the design use of certain proctor like Connect, ConnectAMP, BOOST, etc... if these are not properly understood before purchasing can cause some negative feedback. i have replaced a high end 5.1 surround system *Cambridge Audio AMP, BOSE speakers, with the product purchase to set up a 5.1 surround, a full Stereo image for quality music, and 3 remote rooms, so 5 zones. the controller App is not always the most intuitive. could be improved. overall I'm pleased with all products purchased. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0